[Clamav-devel] clamav daily.cvd definition file size history

David Raynor draynor at sourcefire.com
Tue Aug 25 15:16:26 EDT 2015

We do not have a publicly accessible history of all daily.cvd files. I
think the mirrors focus on serving the current versions of files. Given
what you said about downloading cvd files and not cdiff files, this should
give you a reasonable approximation for your purposes.

Based on my notes for 2015, daily.cvd was approximately:
- 32M Jan 1 to Mar 5 [version 19864 to 20152]
- 33M Mar 5 to May 4 [version 20153 to 20415]
- 34M May 4 to Jun 9 [version 20416 to 20576]
- 35M Jun 17 to Jul 10 [version 20577 to 20674]
- 36M Jul 10 to Aug 10 [version 20651 to 20773]
- 37M Aug 10 to current day [version 20774+]

Hope this helps,

Dave R.

On Thu, Aug 20, 2015 at 12:09 PM, Darrell Dwelley <DDwelley at trustwave.com>

> I am involved in a project in which I need to calculate bandwidth usage of
> a device over past six months.  The device includes clamav, and the device
> pulls daily.cvd definition file from a local repo.  That local repo has no
> activity history from which I can deduce daily.cvd file size history over
> period of time of interest.  I cannot find a public mirror that simply
> lists daily.cvd file.   Where can I get a simple list of the daily.cvd file
> daily release history that includes daily file size from mid Feb to current?
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