[Clamav-devel] memory usage clam 0.98.1 vs 0.98.4?

Per Jessen per at computer.org
Mon Jan 5 04:20:01 EST 2015

When clamav went to 0.98.4, we had to remain on 0.98.1 due to cl_load()
failing.  Over Christmas I've had time to investigate why.  (I'm aware
that 0.98.5 is the latest, I'll be trying that out later).

With 0.98.1, we are scanning email on a number of quite small machines
with only 416M memory, without problems.  When I tried to upgrade (the
libraries) to 0.98.4, cl_load() would fail with error 20 "Can't
allocate memory".  Using a xen guest, I figured I would just increase
the memory until I knew how much was needed.  I went up to 3Gb, still
seeing "cl_load() failed, error 20: Can't allocate memory". 

Surely this isn't about memory?  We're using our own daemon (a la
clamd), but that hasn't changed since 2010.  Did anything significant
change in 0.98.4 that might cause this issue?  Any and all hints

Per Jessen, Zürich (0.0°C)
http://www.dns24.ch/ - free dynamic DNS, made in Switzerland.

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