[Clamav-devel] memory usage clam 0.98.1 vs 0.98.4?

Per Jessen per at computer.org
Mon Jan 5 05:05:04 EST 2015

Per Jessen wrote:

> When clamav went to 0.98.4, we had to remain on 0.98.1 due to
> cl_load()
> failing.  Over Christmas I've had time to investigate why.  (I'm aware
> that 0.98.5 is the latest, I'll be trying that out later).
> With 0.98.1, we are scanning email on a number of quite small machines
> with only 416M memory, without problems.  When I tried to upgrade (the
> libraries) to 0.98.4, cl_load() would fail with error 20 "Can't
> allocate memory".  Using a xen guest, I figured I would just increase
> the memory until I knew how much was needed.  I went up to 3Gb, still
> seeing "cl_load() failed, error 20: Can't allocate memory".
> Surely this isn't about memory?  We're using our own daemon (a la
> clamd), but that hasn't changed since 2010.  Did anything significant
> change in 0.98.4 that might cause this issue?  Any and all hints
> appreciated.

It would appear that 0.98.5 has solved this issue, sorry about the

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