[Clamav-devel] Long term plans for LLVM bytecode compilation?

Rafael Ferreira raf at uvasoftware.com
Sat Dec 8 10:36:21 EST 2018

Hi there everyone, two quick questions: 

1) With 0.100.0 series release (congratulations everyone) and the deprecation of the repackaged LLVM, are we planning on updating the integration so it works with more recent LLVM releases? The 3.6 or lower requirement is going to be increasingly hard to meet when upstream is up to 7.x.

2) With regards to build systems, would there be any appetite for a migration from autotools to CMake? The benefits here would be better tooling integration (since CLion and Visual Studio supports it natively) and making the source code more approachable to new developers. Needless to say, this is not something worth PR’ing if there is no appetite for it. 


- Rafael 

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