[clamav-users] virus detection status

Dmitry Melekhov dm at belkam.com
Wed May 13 04:30:02 EDT 2015

13.05.2015 10:30, Al Varnell пишет:
> I can’t speak for ClamAV, but will give you several of my own comments.
> If you aren’t receiving an average of around three or four freshclam updates a day with hundreds/thousands of new signatures, then something is wrong.  If you are, then obviously clamav is still active, correct?

Well, may be I asked question incorrectly, may be even in offended way.
I didn't want it.
But I found that clamav can't detect several last viruses.
> Last I heard, the ClamAV signature team receives well over 650,000 samples a day with a very small team turning out signatures.  When you submit a sample you can choose to be notified when it has been processed, but you must subscribed to the clamav-virusdb list in order to receive it.

Well, after I submitted file, I don't see any number, so, I can't 
undrestand how to track changes.

> If you need information on something you have submitted, then you need to provide the MD5 of the file here, in order to expedite an answer.

md5sum Акт\ сверки\ -\ апрель.zip
34bbc1837c4f7da198b4a9c5eedf6b92  Акт сверки - апрель.zip

> Commercial firms will almost always beat ClamAV since they can afford the resources for 24/7 operation to keep up with the work load and do not have to rely on others to submit samples to them.
Yes, sure. So I want to know other clamav users experience with current 
clamav database state.
> You are also encouraged to prepare and submit your own signatures. See "Introducing ClamAV community signatures”
> <http://blog.clamav.net/2014/02/introducing-clamav-community-signatures.html>.
Yes, sure. May be this is the way :-)

Thank you!

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