[clamav-users] Submission vor *.ace file rejected

Helmut Hullen hhullen at aktivanet.de
Tue May 26 07:35:00 EDT 2015

Hallo, Alain,

Du meintest am 26.05.15:

>> I've tried today and also last week to submit a file which contains
>> a virus; it's named "t-online.ace".
>> Before this try I had submitted many other "virulent" files without
>> any problem.


>> "jotti.org" and "virustotal.com" have allowed the upload, both tell
>> some virus alerts.
>> How can I upload this file for the database of ClamAV?
>> Should I "re-zip" it with the proposed password "virus"? I

> Yes.

Hmmm ...

By the way: I had used


and got the error message.

Now I have tried


and all worked well . Strange ...

Viele Gruesse!

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