[clamav-win32] Re: w32.clamav.net

Nigel Horne njh at bandsman.co.uk
Mon Sep 11 17:57:00 CEST 2006

Dave Warren wrote:
> In message <45058159.7020402 at bandsman.co.uk> Nigel Horne
> <njh at bandsman.co.uk> wrote:
>> drgoa.r wrote:
>>> Till now the only "bad" thing is need of .NET framework, which I still
>>> manage to not install.
>>> Is there any future plan to make this wotk in non-".NET" environment?
>> Yes, but there are other more important things to fix first ;-)
> On that topic, does it even need to be installed?  Would a ZIP file
> distribution of the installed release be portable between machines?

Yes a zip file should work. The fancy installer was provided for the
novice user.


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