[clamav-win32] Re: w32.clamav.net

Rob McEwen (PowerView Systems) rob at powerviewsystems.com
Mon Sep 11 18:05:52 CEST 2006

>>> Till now the only "bad" thing is need of .NET framework, which I still
>>> manage to not install.

For all the things that Microsoft did/does that many people hate or complain about, I think that they actally did a great job with .NET and I find it to be a very powerful and easy to use platform.

Of course, all kinds of smart people will disagree on this... by my larger point is not to start a flame war but rather to request that you consider NOT leaving .NET if that might cause you to give up any kind of power or flexibility or ease of maintenance or ease of programming... Now, if you think you can STILL have all those things AND leave .NET... great... but **otherwise**, I recommend sticking with .NET.

Rob McEwen
PowerView Systems
rob at PowerViewSystems.com

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