[clamav-win32] Re: w32.clamav.net

Nigel Horne njh at bandsman.co.uk
Mon Sep 18 21:10:08 CEST 2006

>   4) freshclam running at the start of the ClamAV service is nice, but
> I'd really hope that the system running ClamAV wouldn't reboot or
> restart the ClamaAV service very often.  Meanwhile, there have been
> virusdb updates for the last few days which have ranged from a minimum
> of 4 up to 8 times per day, so clearly continuously running freshclam is
> desirable.  What are your plans regarding getting both clamd and
> freshclam running in the background?  

The latest freshclam now supports the --daemon mode, and the latest
PowerTools from www.bandsman.co.uk/clamav.htm make use of this facility.


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