[clamav-win32] bede: tfm on access scanner URL offline?

Danett song danett18 at yahoo.com.br
Tue Sep 26 07:10:43 CEST 2006

Hi Bede,

I seen you constructed a system to check files for
virus in a form like after access virus checker called
tfm_onaccessscan, that are hosted at
http://bede.tfm.ro/clamav/tfm_onaccessscan/, however
I'm unable to access it, everytime I try it fail in
the resolution name.

Can you put it in some other place? Maybe in the
YouSendIt (http://www.yousendit.com/) ?

OBS: Someone have any project to create a kernel
module to scan files for virus in Windows before they
are accessed ?

Thannk you all and congratulations for good job.

DOUBT: LibclamAV is GPL and I seen in the 3rd party
software: "vdetect: Supports: libclamav.

vdetect is a simple virus scanner for Windows using
libclamav library. Both executable and ActiveX online
version are available."

So this COMMERCIAL AntiVirus (ViGUARD) use the
LibclamAV engine and all their signatures? Are this
allowed? I thinked it couldn't be done because the
license, and I got very surprised their are in ClamAV
3rd party softwares, since I thinked it tainted the
GPL license... :~? 


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