[clamav-win32] Getting started with ClamAV for Windows as a service

Ryan ryanreg at e-telligent.com
Fri Dec 21 08:14:17 CET 2007

I'm not Jeff, but I'm also using ClamAV & hMailServer (successfully), so 
hopefully the configs below will be of use. I'm assuming that you've made it 
as far as running ClamAV as a service. If not you'll want to review the 
archives from the last week or so. Note that if you're running 0.920, you 
might want to download it again to make sure you have the newest build. The 
1st release of didn't give exit codes to the caller (hMailServer) even 
though the detection was recorded by clamd.log.


hMailServer AntiVirus:
Use ClamWin: Check
ClamScan executable: C:\Program Files\ClamAV\clamdscan.exe
Path to ClamScan database: C:\Program Files\ClamAV\data

clamd.conf (comments & whitespace removed):
LogFile "C:\Program Files\clamAV\log\clamd.log"
LogTime Yes
LogSyslog Yes
PidFile "C:\Program Files\clamAV\run\clamd.pid"
TemporaryDirectory "C:\Program Files\clamAV\temp"
DatabaseDirectory "C:\Program Files\clamAV\data"
FixStaleSocket Yes
TCPSocket 3310
StreamMaxLength 10M
MaxDirectoryRecursion 15
Foreground Yes
ScanPE Yes
DetectBrokenExecutables Yes
DetectPUA Yes
ScanOLE2 Yes
ScanPDF yes
ScanMail Yes
ScanHTML Yes
ScanArchive Yes
ArchiveMaxFileSize 10M
ArchiveMaxRecursion 5
ArchiveMaxFiles 1000
ArchiveMaxCompressionRatio 100
ClamukoScanOnOpen No
ClamukoScanOnClose No
ClamukoScanOnExec No
ClamukoIncludePath /home
ClamukoMaxFileSize 1M

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> Jeff,
> Could you share your hMailServer/ClamAv config. I changed to ClamAv from
> ClamWin and it doesn't see to be catching stuff yet.
> Jeff Kratka
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>> Hello Robinson:
>>   I have clamAV running as a service and scanning e-mail to the server
>> now, my mail server is removing the infected attachments like it should.
>>  The only clamAV modification I did was for freshclam and that was to
>> set the country code for DatabaseMirror, so it now will update the virus
>> signatures.
>>   Thank you,
>>   Jeff
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