[clamav-win32] Getting started with ClamAV for Windows as a service

Jeff Dunlap jeff_j_dunlap at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 21 19:18:05 CET 2007

Hi Ryan,
  I noticed that you have ClamWin checked, and in fact I had read a message on this forum about checking that for ClamAV for Windows, but it seemed a little weird to me since we are not using ClamWin.
  What I had done was to ensure that the ClamWin tab is totally blank (no checkmarks nor any info in the fields).
  In the External virus scanner tab, I checked 'Use external scanner'
  Scanner Executable:
  "c:\program files\clamav\clamdscan.exe" "%FILE%"
  Return Value
  In the General tab, I chose to 'Notifiy recipient' and to delete attachments.
  What this configuration does is delete any infected attachments yet the message is sent.  The subject is automatically prefixed with VIRUS DETECTED, and a short message indicating that the attachment was deleted.
   Could you share your hMailServer/ClamAv config. I changed to ClamAv from
ClamWin and it doesn't see to be catching stuff yet.

Regarding  Jeff Kratka's problem catching viruses, I would suggest to try scanning a single file using the powertoys gui.  If you get an error there, you know that something is wrong with your ClamAv configuration, and quite possibly you may have the problem that I had which was a missing pthreadVC2.dll file that should be installed.  A link to this file can be found at  http://w32.clamav.net/
  Best Regards,
  Jeff Dunlap

Ryan <ryanreg at e-telligent.com> wrote:
  I'm not Jeff, but I'm also using ClamAV & hMailServer (successfully), so 
hopefully the configs below will be of use. I'm assuming that you've made it 
as far as running ClamAV as a service. If not you'll want to review the 
archives from the last week or so. Note that if you're running 0.920, you 
might want to download it again to make sure you have the newest build. The 
1st release of didn't give exit codes to the caller (hMailServer) even 
though the detection was recorded by clamd.log.


hMailServer AntiVirus:
Use ClamWin: Check
ClamScan executable: C:\Program Files\ClamAV\clamdscan.exe
Path to ClamScan database: C:\Program Files\ClamAV\data

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