[clamav-win32] ClamD crashing every 12-18 hours

Bret Miller bret.miller at wcg.org
Thu Mar 8 20:49:24 CET 2007

> The patch was supposed to help but - I found no joy in the 
> patch.  It did not work.  I was hacking a endpoint last week 
> and tryin to run Clam again and the patch did the same thing. 
>  I wish I had time to help but I find the clam does not want 
> to give up the pearl.  Hacker baby out!

I'm not seeing the growth in memory usage here for some reason. Maybe I
don't have some option enabled that you do. 

Anyway, I have a service that I wrote before I discovered this one, and
since I've shared it out before, why not again. Here's what it does:

Installs itself in %ProgramFiles%\clamAV\services, and if clamd.exe
isn't in %ProgramFiles%\clamAV, installs clamAV. Installs a service
called ClamAV for Windows and starts it.

Looks to see if it can find clamd.exe in either of the default locations
for this build or the SOSDG one. You can override this by creating a
ClamPath value in the Parameters registry key for the service. This is
the path to the folder, not the .exe file.

Starts clamd.

Beginning 2 minutes after started, and every hour following, launches
freshclam.exe to update defs.

This was recently updated to handle quirks of Tech-Protect which
overwrites the .conf files with ones that don't work currently. So, the
real conf files are in the services folder. Those are copied to the conf
folder prior to launching clamd or freshclam to insure we have a version
that works.

You can get the installer here:

License? Use freely at your own risk.

If you need it, I could provide this in zip format so you can manually
install for more complex environments.


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> I don't know what else I can do to help with the debugging.  
> I downloaded
> the source, but the service stuff is not included.  I was 
> going to add a
> monitor for the service when it crashes to restart it and add 
> an event to
> the log.
> At this point I am going to have to stop using ClamD as it is 
> too unstable.
> It is crashing every 12-18 hours with memory consumption up 
> around 250MB
> each time it crashes.  The service does not allow me to use 
> the built in
> recovery tools in Server 2003 either.
> Anyone have a solution? 
> I suppose a could write an app to just connect on the ClamD port
> periodically and when it stops responding restart the main 
> service, but that
> seems like a hack.
> Jason
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