[clamav-win32] RE: Freshclam cdiff problem!

Bret Miller bret.miller at wcg.org
Tue Mar 13 15:06:18 CET 2007

> Where do I get the 20070305 build of ClamAV? The Website only 
> has a link to "Program and Virus Signatures (16/2/07)". The 
> cdiff updates worked on the previous version (before 0.90) of 
> ClamAV for Windows. 

Nigel doesn't update the date on the ClamAV build when he updates it so
the only reason I know the build changed is because I have a neat little
perl script that checks for updates (checks the header for the timestamp
on the file, downloads if necessary and notifies me when it changes). 

> Further a suggestion to Nigel Horn, the developer of the 
> windows version: 
> It would be nice to get the files apart from the Windows 
> Installer msi-file, so that I simple could copy them over 
> and restart clamd.exe, without first saving the config files, 
> uninstall the whole program, install the new one, 
> check the new options in the config files and modify them 
> accord the changes I've made in the old ones. 
> This is very annoying.

This is one of the very reasons that my service program keeps the .conf
files in its own folder and copies them to conf when it's time to start
the program. The only problem is that the format of the .conf files can
change between builds, so you can end up with an incompatible version
unless you check them every time. That's what happened to the
Tech-Protect developers. Their interface stopped working when one of the
clamuko___ options ceased to be parsed. And that's the second reason I
keep my .conf files in another folder (because Tech-Protect overwrites
the ones in the conf folder). 

I have a script that uninstalls and reinstalls ClamAV. I could probably
tweak it to preserve the .conf files if there's interest. It stops
Tech-Protect (if it finds it) and my ClamAV service, uninstalls ClamAV,
reinstalls ClamAV, and restarts the service and Tech-Protect (if found).
The only interaction required is it the ClamAV uninstall prompts because
it thinks something is using it (just click ignore). 

Looks like it's time for a ClamAV resource page...


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