[clamav-win32] winclamav updates from linux clamav

Bret Miller bret.miller at wcg.org
Mon Oct 8 19:54:54 CEST 2007

> I opened a thread on clamav-users as advised and I'm
> experiment with some things...
> -Now, the thing is that I want to tell winclamav to
> use another host of mine to get the updates from. So,
> I typed the server's IP at:
> Tools->Preferences->Internet Updates->"Download site"
> believing that it will try to get it from there.
> Instead, still it tries to connect to clamav's known
> hosts; at least my server never gets any request from
> the clamwin box!
> -I also noticed that c:\program
> files\clamwin\bin\clamwin.conf does not change
> accordingly with the changes I'm applying at the UI.
> Any ideas? (i'm using current version of clamav)

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