[clamav-win32] Recv Failed ----

Nigel Horne njh at bandsman.co.uk
Mon Oct 22 17:24:22 CEST 2007

Sword of Wheat wrote:
> I am scanning file and folders from the context menu that you get when you
> right click.  I have Windows XP. 5.1.2600. When I scannedkb Program Files\
> Windows Media Player\Installer\mpsetupxp.exe (9.66MB Version 6.0.2600.0) and
> Program Files\AutoHotKey\AutoHotKey.chm (1,069KB) the little message window
> is titled Windows Explorer.exe instead of ClamAV and yesterday said Recv
> Failed 15410 (approximate) but today says Recv Failed 0.
> 1. What does this mean?
> 2. How do I work around it?

Open an entry to bugzilla and attach mpsetupxp to the bug report.

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