[clamav-win32] How to handle wildcards with clamdscan?

David E. Smith dave at mvn.net
Fri Feb 15 19:14:43 CET 2008

Bret Miller wrote:
> If Declude can call a script (or cscript.exe), I'd tend to write a vbs
> script and call it with the complete command line. It can parse the
> parameters, remove the *.* from the end and pass just the folder name to
> clamdscan, which should cause it to scan the folder, and then pass back the
> return code. I suppose it would be more efficient to write it in C or
> something, but there's really nothing complicated about stripping a bit off
> the last parameter. I've got plenty of code, but none that does exactly
> this...

In my testing, stripping the *.* doesn't work either - clamdscan just 
says it can't find c:\temp\foo\ and still errors out. What's probably 
needed, then, is something that can expand the wildcards and pass the 
results on to clamdscan.

Everything else can be hard-coded into a wrapper, for my purposes. I can 
have Declude call "wrapper.exe", it'll expand that to "wrapper.exe 
c:\temp\*.*", the wrapper will in turn expand that to "clamdscan.exe 
-option1 -option2 c:\temp\file.1 c:\temp\file.2" and I can grab the 
return code, pass it back up the chain, and in theory everything should 
work. It's a bit of a hack but I'll take it.

David Smith

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