[clamav-win32] New version 0.93.1

Gianluigi Tiesi sherpya at netfarm.it
Mon Jun 23 11:24:58 CEST 2008

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Oliver Betz wrote:
| Gianluigi Tiesi wrote:
| [...]
|> | Since I have your interest... I'll need to point my front end to where
|> | clam-av is stored, where will your version install?  Are you working to
|> | change the directory structure to the native windows structure?  I
|> | usually do an advanced install to at least get the application
|> | executables in the Program Files directory, but that doesn't help for
|> | the user profile and saves.
|> |
|> You'll need to put files in your preferred dir, I suggest
|> c:\clamav
|> make c:\clamav\db for database
|> edit clamav.reg as your needs and merge it
| what is the advantage?

It's just an option, --config still works
I prefer to have clamscan to work out of the box

|> configure the provided freshclam.conf in c:\clamav directory
|> put c:\clamav directory in your path
| never did so. I call the command line tools with an absolute path and
| --config-file=(full path).
| Since I have to provide absolute paths in the configurations files
| anyway, I can pass absolute paths everywhere. No need to clutter up
| the registry.

HKCU / HKLM \ Software \ Clamav
remove it to clean the registry

| [...]
|> and sorry I'll need to add some docs about it, but currently I haven't many
|> users of the command line only port
| Maybe there are more users than you think - at least of the sources.
| Oliver

Good :)

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