[clamav-win32] *** it !

Sarocet sarocet at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 00:20:15 CEST 2010

Dave Howe wrote:
>> <embarrassment>
>> To explain, I tried to resend it as a couple of people had contacted me off
>> list to say that their plain text readers could not display my post, and to
>> please send again in plain text (which I thought I had). Why that mail
>> insisted on being in base64 I don't know. I had never had that problem
>> before. Since rebooting, I have tried it again and have not been able to
>> duplicate the problem Apologies once again.
>> </embarrassment>
> Usual reason? you accidentally included a character not representable
> in 7 bit ascii, so it encoded it in the appropriate charset, then
> wrapped that in bin64 to protect the 8 bit character. "smart" quotes
> are a common source of this, although I have seen the use of n-dashes
> (instead of hypens) due to ms office based clients trying (again) to
> be intelligent.

The character † being the usual suspect.
The emails which were completely base64 were in utf-8, while the one which
encoded it in quoted-printable was in windows-1252.
I guess that Outlook Express doesn't "like" included several bytes as quoted
printable (in windows-1252 it's just adding a =86), or it simply sees "I
will have
to convert all of this to utf-8, so there may be many 8-bit bytes, ergo
base64 all
of it". Which is a quite naïve algorithm (and not even easier, since it
handles both
content-encodings anyway).

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