[Clamav-devel] [clamav-users] Question about .cvd files

Gary R. Schmidt grschmidt at acm.org
Thu Apr 13 02:13:00 EDT 2017

On 13/04/2017 15:56, crazy thinker wrote:
> Hi All,
> I would like to install ClamAV for Windows Desktop Operating System. I know
> that ClamAV Official Database (.cvd files) contains all kinds of malware in
> terms of platform specific (Linux,UNIX,Unix Like) in single
> file(s)(daily.cvd ,main.cvd)  and i heard that unix malware can't effect
> windows machine  or vice versa. so i would like to separate the windows
> malware signatures from ClamAV Official database and add them in custom
> virus database to optimize the  virus database size and to improve windows
> malware detetcion faster.
> if my thouhgts and  understanding is wrong, please correct me
> Any help and suggestions would be appreciated on this
You are wrong to want to do this.

Consider the following scenario:
A file, which is infected with a Y-system-specific virus, arrives on 
your machine, and passes all the checks because you have removed its 
fingerprints from the scanner.

You then copy that file onto a USB stick and give it to a friend who 
runs a Y-system, and they put it in their machine...

Shortly after this, their bank-account is drained, their identity is 
stolen, and it is your fault.

We scan files for any and all sorts of virii, because we don't know 
where the files may end up.

		Gary	B-)

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