[Clamav-devel] how to clean up the cached MD5 if DisableCache is set up to "no"?

Ruth Zhou Ruth.Zhou at FundSERV.com
Wed Aug 9 13:00:43 EDT 2017

Hi there,

If we set DisableCache to “no” in clamd.conf, all scanned files’ MD5 will be cached except the files found virus.  I have a question about how to clean up those cached MD5 data if ClamAV runs for a long time and the cached MD5 data size is growing?

In considering the performance, we turned on this cache configuration.  However, we have a concern that if the size of cached data is very big, we need to find a way to clean it up.

Can you let us know if there is a way to clean up the cached data?   Thank you.


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