[Clamav-devel] ClamAV UnOfficial Database

crazy thinker crazythinker91 at gmail.com
Thu May 4 07:28:32 EDT 2017

Hi ClamAV Developers, Users

To my curiosity, i want  to remove ClamAV Official Database and plan to
integrate unofficial database with clamav engine.. i heard that
Sanesecurity signatures increases  ClamAV  performance upto 90%.. so i am
thinking  that  excluding ClamAV Official Database not afffecting ClamAV
performance in this scenario. because. i guess Sanesecurity unofficial
database covers signatures which is covered by ClamAV Official Database..
Am i right?  Th e reason behind to do like this is  i  want to keep
optimized database
i would like to get  some suggestions/advices on my experimental  thought


Crazy Thinker Inc

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