[Clamav-devel] ClamAV, extract source code signature

SADDI Illa illasdd27 at gmail.com
Wed May 10 09:02:00 EDT 2017

Hello to all,

I present myself to you as a student at the University of Bordeaux and I am
an intern in the Technicolor company in France .
I currently working on a project that involves using ClamAV antivirus:
*-* recover the hierarchical structure of a program from the pattern
*-* extract the source code signing from a binary file (ELF file), a static
library (.a) or a dynamic library (.so).

However, with *ClamAV*, when it comes to extract the source code signature
from the static and dynamic libraries even recursively it does not work.

I come to you so that you can help me have answers to my questions.
How can I use clamav to retrieve the signatures of each code inside a
library (.a and .so)?

Let's assume that I have an object file (myfile.o) that carries a
signature. From
myfile.o, I generate a library (libmyfile.a). How from libmyfile.a recover
the signature present in my object file?
This will be generalized in case I have several object files. How to
recover the signature of each object file present in my library?
I would like to do the same thing in the case of a dynamic library (.so).

My best regards

* SADDI Illa(+33)0753051801*

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