[clamav-users] Priority problem

Bernard Thédié bernard.thedie at laposte.net
Thu Jul 24 03:34:25 EDT 2014

Le 23/07/2014 11:53, Steve Basford a écrit :
> On Wed, July 23, 2014 10:41 am, Bernard Thédié wrote:
>> I'm using clamav under Linux. I've scheduled a daily scan of my home
>> dir. I would like to know if there's a way of telling clamscan to run more
>> nicely ; actually when clamscan runs, it takes between 75 and 90% of my
>> CPU ! I would rather think of an antivirus as a silent,
>> background, quiet process. I tried "nice" and "renice" but clamscan
> Hi Bernard,
> Have you tried using clamdscan, instead of clamscan ?
Using clamdscan brings up more questions.
clamdscan works pretty well with the option --fdpass.
However, the scan process is still using 98% of one CPU, even if I do a 
"sudo renice 19 <clamd pid>".
On a dual core, it leaves a processor free for me to work during the 
scan... I'm still looking for a way of running clamd in a more silent 

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