[clamav-users] Priority problem

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Thu Jul 24 13:02:07 EDT 2014

On 24.07.14 09:34, Bernard Thédié wrote:
>Using clamdscan brings up more questions.
>clamdscan works pretty well with the option --fdpass.
>However, the scan process is still using 98% of one CPU, even if I do 
>a "sudo renice 19 <clamd pid>".
>On a dual core, it leaves a processor free for me to work during the 
>scan... I'm still looking for a way of running clamd in a more silent 

why do you want your CPU to be idle when it can do the scanning?
at nice level od 19, program only runs when nothing else needs the CPU.

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