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Giles Coochey giles at coochey.net
Fri Jul 25 04:20:24 EDT 2014

On 24/07/2014 19:23, Bernard Thédié wrote:
> I think I really should solve that fan problem. Probably, all I need 
> is a PC with a silent cooling !
Yes - the problem is the fan, not the fact that something is using the 
CPU.... anything could do that, it just so happens to be clamav on this 
occasion. There are plenty of heatsink / fans out there that are 
designed for silent operation, and there are lots of noise dampener type 
kits for cases as well.
This is a common discussion topic with overclocker types, so you might 
want to check the various forums that they reside in.

Nothing to do with clamav really.


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