[clamav-users] Priority problem

Dennis Peterson dennispe at inetnw.com
Sat Jul 26 09:25:27 EDT 2014

On 7/24/14, 12:47 PM, Bernard Thédié wrote:
> Le 24/07/2014 21:08, Matus UHLAR - fantomas a écrit :
>> On 24.07.14 20:23, Bernard Thédié wrote:
>>> Silly reason... my computer has a very, very noisy fan.
>> I'm afraid you can avoid this problem only by not using anything that eats
>> CPU.
>> well, "conservative" CPU performance governor could help a bit here...
> Sounds nice - do you have a precise idea in mind ? Or a hint on where to search ?

This is not a ClamAV problem and probably belongs in a different list or forum. 
The problem is most easily cured with ear plugs.


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