[clamav-users] Clam in a very low memory environment?

Jim Preston jimlinux at commspeed.net
Sun Mar 9 18:15:54 EDT 2014

On 03/08/2014 02:05 AM, Al Varnell wrote:
> On Mar 7, 2014, at 9:13 AM, Thomas Cameron <thomas.cameron at camerontech.com> wrote:
>> I am taking advantage of the free tier at Amazon (640M memory) to host
>> my e-mail server.
>> Naturally, my first move was to install SpamAssassin and ClamAV for
>> mail filtering, but I got out of memory errors when starting Clam.
>> Is anyone running Clam in a very low memory configuration? Is it do-able?
> See a recent conversation on this subject starting here:
> <http://lurker.clamav.net/message/20131213.141254.b289797d.en.html>
> Seems to involve a lot of work to prune the definitions database and not certain whether it was successful or not.
> -Al-
Not knowing your situation but.....have to ask if there are any other 
services you can turn off to conserve memory? And any possible chance of 
smaller foot print daemons of any essential services?

Jim Preston

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