[clamav-users] Why are the ClamAV team so slow at creating signatures ?

Alessandro Vesely vesely at tana.it
Tue Oct 7 12:45:50 EDT 2014

On Mon 06/Oct/2014 15:37:34 +0200 Tim Smith wrote: 

>> are you really trying to compare response times from PAID
>> solutions to the free/community maintained ones ????
> Of course not, the paid solutions will always be better.

Careful betting on that... It's the famous-last-words sort of phrase.

Ten years ago I started using Sophos, as I deemed an AV product was
way too much of an engagement for an unpaid free-software developer to
maintain.  I switched to ClamAV only a few months ago as Sophos
discontinued their Linux support, and I'm happy to see I was wrong.

ClamAV is unique in its category, so it's well possible that there's
room for improving both the cooperation on detection/analysis and the
software tools to accomplish it.  Of course, global cooperation will
be unbeatable once established.

OTOH, users of proprietary products will always be at the mercy of
marketing teams striving after profits, where more profitable is not
necessarily better for users.

> But three days to get some definitions pushed out for a zero-day is a
> bit on the slow side, you must agree !

Agreed, but I received 0-day viral mail even when scanning with
Sophos.  I'm not going to switch back, really.


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