[clamav-users] Why are the ClamAV team so slow at creating signatures ?

Wouter Miltenburg support at iamotor.nl
Thu Oct 9 14:49:33 EDT 2014

Hi all,

Was subscribed to this mailing list for some time and didn't respond to
it that much, but this topic really got my attention.
> What rubbish... ClamAV always lags behind the commercial vendors in
> any comparative you wish to mention.
> The majority of well established vendors will also do a better job of
> detecting and pushing out definitions as it seems that ClamAV is
> reactive, not proactive on the definitions front  ....
Do you have any proof of this somewhat of accusation? It sounds to me
that you are only talking about the problem that you are facing right
now. I quickly looked through my old mails and didn't see your name pop
up nor do I see any other issues that you have highlighter in this
mailing list.

>> What other av product can you make your own virus signatures with, not usefull,  hmm
> You don't need to when they've got a decent set of analysts who are on
> the ball and push out new definitions quickly !
> F-Secure, Sophos, Kasperksy and others all had coverage already of this virus.
> Seriously, why should I mess around with creating virus signatures,
> its a waste of my time.
> Evangelising over how wonderful open-source anti-virus is is great....
> but if you're severely lagging on pushing out virus definitions then
> it very quickly removes the attractiveness of the product.   80% of
> people using your open-source project won't have the knowledge, time
> or inclination to hack together their own virus definitions ....

I may be wrong, but it really sounds to me that you are only frustrated
about the issue that you are experiencing right now. Didn't see any
other complaints from you about ClamAV or complaints about signature
creations. One of the ideas behind some of the open source projects is
that you can contribute to the project or discuss the issues that you
are facing with a certain open source project. The problem with this
whole thread is that you are only criticising the ClamAV project but
don't come up with any suggestions. Some of the suggestions from people
were to create the signatures yourself. You immediately rejected the
whole idea about creating your own signatures and you are only
complaining. There was never, never once, a suggestion from your side.
If you really want to help this community and make the open source
project better, please give suggestions on how we could make it better.
Please keep in mind that not all open source projects have the money or
people to be as good as commercial companies.


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