[clamav-users] FreshClam problem | MailScanner setup

Mark Meelhuysen mark at meelhuysen.com
Wed Oct 29 12:14:04 EDT 2014


I recently installed a CentOS system running MailScanner, ClamAV, SpamAssassin and greylisting.
Since I solved another problem, for which I opened many configfiles, my freshclam does nto update automatically anymore. My MailScanner conf is adjusted so update starts in /usr instead of /usr/local.

My maillog is filled with following errors:

ClamAV updater /usr/local/bin/freshclam cannot be run
ClamAV updater /usr#015/bin/freshclam cannot be run
ClamAV updater /usr/local#015/bin/freshclam cannot be run

First line after finishing install. Second line after editing virus.scanners.conf (/usr/local to /usr).
At the third line i changed the line back (for testing) to /usr/local.

It seems like something is putting #015 in front of it. Maybe i mistyped (without realizing) in a file, but I can not manage to find the problem file. Hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance.


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