[clamav-users] [Fwd: [sanesecurity] Hacking Team detection]

Larry Stone lstone19 at stonejongleux.com
Fri Aug 7 09:41:39 EDT 2015

On Fri, 7 Aug 2015, Gene Heskett wrote:

> On Friday 07 August 2015 04:46:31 Steve Basford wrote:
>> Just in case it's useful...

>> With Rook Security?s permission, I?ve placed a new database:
>> hackingteam.hsb
>> on the mirrors for distribution.
>> Note the hashes are for Windows, Linux and Mac OSx systems.
> Steve:
> Thank you, but for those of us who haven't played with our configuration
> for quite a while as its been Just Working(TM) for a year or more, a
> pointer to a URL showing how to incorporate this into the working
> configs we have would be appropriate.

I ompletely agree. I saw Steve's note this morning, looked at my 
configuration, looked at the sanesecurity website for some guidance (found 
nothing), and decided I really was not at all sure what I should be doing.

-- Larry Stone
    lstone19 at stonejongleux.com

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