[clamav-users] Scanning Win32 Volumes

Shane Hollis shane at virusbusters.co.nz
Tue Aug 18 17:56:34 EDT 2015

The process to do that is:
I'm assuming your Windows XP folder / partition is /dev/sdb1   if it is 
different substitute the location in the examples below.
to find its location try   sudo fdisk -l    <--- thats an L - lowercase
Also if the WinXP partition was unmounted uncleanly   you might need to 
use a -o force  option in the end of the mount command

Create a mount point ( sudo mkdir /mnt/WinXP )
Mount the Windows XP drives. ( mount -g /dev/sdb1  /mnt/WinXP  )
Run clam on it /sudo clamscan -r -i --detect-pua //mnt/WinXP

Ta dahh!!   all done.

There is a remotve option in clam which if you use it will work as long 
as the partition is mounted RW.

On 19/08/2015 9:44 a.m., Benny Pedersen wrote:
> J skrev den 2015-08-18 21:18:
>> I haven't been able to find this answer in the archives.
>> Can I scan WinXP archive drives for malware with ClamAV running on my
>> Ubuntu laptop and find any viruses, bots, or whatever?
>> With ClamAV, I'll just have to delete the infected files, correct?  
>> No cleaning?
> https://www.google.dk/search?q=clamwin
> clamwin can use clamav signatures
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