[clamav-users] Trying to track down bug using lsof & clamscan/clamdscan.. odd behavior

Alexander Urcioli alexurc at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 20:13:05 UTC 2015

We were running into an issue where larger files were not able to be moved
after scanning with ClamAV. Our hypothesis was that perhaps the process has
not released access to the file and we were experiencing a race condition.

Upon investigating I attempted to monitor the file we were scanning using
lsof on repeat mode. To my suprise, upon scanning a 900MB file with
clamscan and clamdscan, lsof never lists the file as being opened

I am not a linux expert per say but I found this quite odd, I would assume
that the file must be opened somehow by something in order to be scanned. I
tested the efficacy of this by scanning the EICAR test file and it
correctly reported 1 infection, so I know the files are actually being

So I ask, what is actually going on here? Am I completely missing something
obvious? Is there some kind of "cache" in play here? Why am I not able to
see my file being opened by clamav when its being scanned?

Any help would be appreciated


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