[clamav-users] Calamav cannot scan tar file and gzip files?

Manoj Ramakrishnan manojramakrishnan at nbnco.com.au
Sun Feb 15 23:30:29 EST 2015


I tried to scan tar files and tar.gz files using clamav(through squid, squidclamav and c-icap) but it just pass through. Both these files contain the "eicar.com" test file.
But if it is a zip file then it works!!!

ScanArchive parameter is enabled in clamd.conf.

Do I need any special setting to scan these files? I am using a RHEL5 server and clamd/clamav version 0.98.5

Manoj Ramakrishnan
DevOps Engineer | POS | P +61 2 8918 5906  | M 0416 128 308

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