[clamav-users] [SUSPECTED SPAM] Re: Calamav cannot scan tar file and gzip files?

Manoj Ramakrishnan manojramakrishnan at nbnco.com.au
Tue Feb 17 01:11:01 EST 2015

Hi Al,

Thanks for replying.
It is exactly what I thought. But why is it different from ZIP file?
I added extra characters in the beginning of the ZIP file but no issues in
scanning that and finding eicar signature.

Also curious to see why is it not working in case #4 and #6?


On 17/02/15 3:35 PM, "Al Varnell" <alvarnell at mac.com> wrote:

>On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 05:27 PM, Manoj Ramakrishnan wrote:
>> Case 4: Opened the gz file(in Case #2) in vi editor and add a character
>> say "a" at the beginning of the file and scan it using clamdscan. Not
>That would be correct. The signature specifies an offset of zero, so
>adding anything at the beginning ³disinfects² it.
>Al Varnell
>Mountain View, CA
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