[clamav-users] clamav-milter LocalNet option / outgoing mail (Debian Wheezy)

Daniel Spies ds20150222clam at pskx.net
Sat Feb 21 21:13:12 EST 2015

On 02/22/2015 02:47 AM, Noel Jones wrote:
> Anyway, if your goal is to disable scanning on submission, it's
> probably best to edit the master.cf submission service to not call
> clamav-milter at all.  (I would strongly recommend scanning all
> mail, but that's a local policy decision)

As already suspected below, I still have a few clients who are sending 
e-mail to port 25. I would like to disable authentication for port 25 
but it's no option at the moment.

> If you need to do this in clamav-milter, such as if you need to do
> this for port 25 as well as submission, you should probably look at
> the SkipAuthenticated option.

SkipAuthenticated ^.*$

does what I want, thank you! Well, actually it would be perfect if 
"incoming local mail" would be scanned too, i.e.

sending auth mail from any port -> DO NOT SCAN
receiving mail (port 25) -> SCAN

In my opinion, it doesn't make any sense to scan e-mail leaving the 
server. The recipient will never trust these tags anyway. So why scan at 
all? It's important to scan incoming mail, be it from a local or an 
external client.


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