[clamav-users] clamav 0.98.6 debian wheezy segfault after database modification

Hudri Wudri zoechling.martin at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 16:12:54 EDT 2015


I am using clamav in combination with clamsmtp and postfix. I used this
setup since two weeks without any problems since today

Error found in syslog: (the emailadresses have been changed)

Mar 11 17:24:56 mail kernel: [24082.422881] clamd[5480]: segfault at 8010
ip 00007fee52bd345b sp 00007ffc13fb2420 error 6 in
Mar 11 17:24:56 mail clamsmtpd: 100171: unexepected response from clamd:
Mar 11 17:24:56 mail clamsmtpd: 100171: from=xxx at xxx.at, to=xxx at xxx.at,
Mar 11 17:24:56 mail postfix/smtp[8797]: 96FBA8A0075: to=<xxx at xxx.at>,
relay=[]:10026, delay=5.1, delays=0.18/0/0.04/4.9,
Mar 11 17:24:56 mail postfix/smtpd[8799]: disconnect from

Error found in /var/log/clamav/clamav.log --> just a few seconds before so
i think this is connected together :)

Wed Mar 11 17:24:51 2015 -> SelfCheck: Database modification detected.
Forcing reload.
Wed Mar 11 17:24:52 2015 -> Reading databases from /var/lib/clamav

Versions used:

ii  clamav                             0.98.6+dfsg-0+deb7u1
amd64        anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface
ii  clamav-base                        0.98.6+dfsg-0+deb7u1
all          anti-virus utility for Unix - base package
ii  clamav-daemon                      0.98.6+dfsg-0+deb7u1
amd64        anti-virus utility for Unix - scanner daemon
ii  clamav-freshclam                   0.98.6+dfsg-0+deb7u1
amd64        anti-virus utility for Unix - virus database update utility
ii  clamsmtp                           1.10-10
amd64        virus-scanning SMTP proxy

This is my first post to a mailing list. Which other informations could i
provide to help solving the problem.

A simmilar problem was reported in this mailing list entry, but for 0.94:

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