[clamav-users] clamd exit frequently

Kris Deugau kdeugau at vianet.ca
Wed Mar 18 10:06:59 EDT 2015

fannnvirusss wrote:
> Hi all,       We are running ClamAV-0.97.4 on RHEL 5.4 for a long time, but recently clamd process exit quietly and frequently, about four times one day.  Log file has nothing useful information. When I use gdb attach clamd,  finally gdb say something like this:     Program terminated with signal SIGKILL, killed.      The program no longer exists.
>      Until now, I have no idea why clamd be killed!  Why exit so frequently!      Thanks for hints!

I don't think I've ever seen clamd just roll over and die on its own.

Wild guess, based on "Program terminated with signal SIGKILL, killed":
Check /var/log/messages for "OOM" - clamd is a bit of a memory hog and
if you're running it on a low-memory VPS, clamd may be getting killed by
the kernel to free up memory for something else.


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