[clamav-users] ClamXav and Compressed Files

Dennis Peterson dennispe at inetnw.com
Sun Mar 29 07:57:34 EDT 2015

On 3/29/15 4:55 AM, TR Shaw wrote:
> On Mar 29, 2015, at 1:45 AM, Dennis Peterson <dennispe at inetnw.com> wrote:
>> On 3/28/15 10:43 PM, Jinwon Lee wrote:
>>> Thanks for that.  I guess ‘Hash Value’ refers to the ClamAV identifying the .dmg as a known file that contains virus/es.
>>> Jinwon
>> That was the case too for password protected zip files. If you can't burst the contents you condemn the wrapper.
> Not entirely complete as you can tell ClamAV to mark encrypted zip and rar's as viruses without having a "sig".
Many milters will do the same without invoking clamav, so that's of limited value.


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