[clamav-users] clamav-milter feature requst

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Thu Aug 4 15:18:15 EDT 2016

>Am 04.08.2016 um 19:47 schrieb Benny Pedersen:
>>reason for this is that make this clamav signature is that its more ram
>>effitive then make native spamasssasin rules

On 04.08.16 19:50, Reindl Harald wrote:
>different signatures for different clamd are your friend
>[root at testserver:/etc/mail/spamassassin]$ cat clamav.cf
>loadplugin ClamAV clamav.pm
>full      CLAMAV_JNK  eval:check_clamav('/run/clamd/clamd-sa.sock')
>describe  CLAMAV_JNK  ClamAV detected malware/phishing/junk
>score     CLAMAV_JNK  6.0
>full      CLAMAV_MLW  eval:check_clamav('/run/clamd/clamd.sock')
>describe  CLAMAV_MLW  ClamAV detected malware/phishing
>score     CLAMAV_MLW  9.9

I'm afraid that running multiple clamd (that's what clamav-milter uses)
instances is least memory effective possibility.

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