[clamav-users] Sigtool parsing issues

Jack jack at malwarefor.me
Mon Aug 15 10:50:42 EDT 2016


I am attempting to dissect a document’s macros using sigtool, but am running into a problem. Nothing is being returned when the following command is run:

$ sigtool --vba '237b81cda8251aac11eaa28387765e6dd165664aa87563a6bce5951dd5ca4de3.bin’

The document in question is SHA256: 237b81cda8251aac11eaa28387765e6dd165664aa87563a6bce5951dd5ca4de3 and has been tested in ClamAV 0.99 and 0.99.2, both of which return nothing. I can send the document offlist as well.

Can someone take a look and determine why there are passing issues?


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