[clamav-users] Understanding OLE2BlockMacros

Kris Deugau kdeugau at vianet.ca
Wed Aug 24 15:55:35 EDT 2016

Alex wrote:
> Please don't send me to the amavis list - there must be someone who
> uses both clamav and amavis that understands what's happening here.

Much like SpamAssassin, Clamav in and of itself can only say "Matched
signature <foo>" or "Triggered heuristic test <bar>", or "Didn't match

It's up to whatever is calling Clam to decide what to do with that result.

Many common integration methods for both are simple enough that they
don't have any way of postprocessing the result from SA or Clam (and
therefore treat those results as go/no-go flags), but AFAIK amavis
should be able to give you more flexibility - something best asked about
on the amavis users list.


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