[clamav-users] some clamd.conf issues

Michael K. michael at cacn.de
Tue Jan 12 07:18:09 EST 2016

Hello Benny and readers,

Am Mon, 11 Jan 2016 13:19:24 +0100
schrieb Benny Pedersen <me at junc.eu>:
> maybe you have a old clamav installed with a new systemrc ?
Hint: i don't use "sudo" ! i installed all clam* packets from fedora

> anyway try see
OK ;)

> clamconf
ouch, yes i see at first: 

Checking configuration files in /etc
clamd.conf not found

My "clamd.conf" is in /etc/clam.d/clamd.conf

complete output:


| B45F 30C4 ED93 FEAF 48E3 0D3B C716 4875 EC54 E607
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