[clamav-users] some clamd.conf issues

Michael K. michael at cacn.de
Tue Jan 12 07:36:58 EST 2016

Hello Kevin,

Am Mon, 11 Jan 2016 10:36:51 -0500
schrieb Kevin Lin <klin at sourcefire.com>:
> This is a minor bug in the current release of ClamAV 0.99.
nice to know, thanks...

> The work around would be to use "26214400" instead of "25M".
done (also whitout the "M")

but, clam starts not at all :(

clamd[2216]: ERROR: Parse error at line 625: Unknown option ByteCodeMode
clamd[2216]: ERROR: Can't open/parse the config
file /etc/clamd.d/clamd.conf

here is a extract from my clam.conf (only section bytecode)

## Bytecode

# With this option enabled ClamAV will load bytecode from the database. 
# It is highly recommended you keep this option on, otherwise you'll miss detections for many new viruses.
# Default: yes
Bytecode yes

# Bytecode mode
# This option has been set to 'ForceInterpreter' in Fedora due to
# security concerns by default.  You might need to enable the
# 'clamd_use_jit' SELinux boolean after setting this option to the
# more efficient 'ForceJIT' value.
# Default: ForceInterpreter
ByteCodeMode ForceInterpreter

# Set bytecode security level.
# Possible values:
#       None - no security at all, meant for debugging. DO NOT USE THIS ON PRODUCTION SYSTEMS
#         This value is only available if clamav was built with --enable-debug!
#       TrustSigned - trust bytecode loaded from signed .c[lv]d files,
#                insert runtime safety checks for bytecode loaded from other sources
#       Paranoid - don't trust any bytecode, insert runtime checks for all
# Recommended: TrustSigned, because bytecode in .cvd files already has these checks
# Note that by default only signed bytecode is loaded, currently you can only
# load unsigned bytecode in --enable-debug mode.
# Default: TrustSigned
BytecodeSecurity TrustSigned

# Set bytecode timeout in miliseconds.
# Default: 5000
BytecodeTimeout 5000


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