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Istvan Szabo IstvanS at sfwltd.co.uk
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If clamd is running on the system, it would automatically monitor the directory? Or how can I set to continuously monitor that directory and do the steps that needed?

So based on your suggestion the 2nd step would be the last step and in the 2nd step would scan clamd the files, but how would it monitor and how would it report? I created a script for a daily scan but it is just a scan not a real time monitoring.
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On 12.01.16 12:14, Istvan Szabo wrote:
>Is it possible to  handle somehow this request with clamav?
>User uploads file to web site
>File is loaded into memory (byte stream)
>File byte stream is sent to ClamAV for scanning
>ClamAV returns OK or VIRUS
>If OK, store file in the database, if VIRUS, return error to user
>I'd imagine to scan the file ClamAV will need to write the byte stream into a temporary file which then gets deleted after the scan.

the file is already stored as file on web server, there's no need for
messing with it. clamd can scan it there, it just neede proper permissions
for reading uploaded files.
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