[clamav-users] clamav on centos 7: changing runas user

Prabhu Mannu prabhu at fernridge.com
Tue Jan 19 23:15:12 EST 2016

Dear All,


I am having little trouble with configuring Clamav sever on centos 7 to run as different user, the mail problem for me is that the /var/run/clam.scan folder permission reverts back to its original permission and user name after reboot.


OS: centos 7 64bit

Selinux: enabled

Clamav: installed from epel repo


The user I am trying to run is “mail” and I tried to change the folder of /var/run/clam.scan to allow group users to read and write but after every restart it changes to default permission there by not allowing me to run the Clamav as different user.

User mail and clamscan are belong to each other group.


[root at backupemail run]# groups mail

mail : mail clamscan

[root at backupemail run]# groups clamscan

clamscan : clamscan mail

[root at backupemail run]# ls –lZ |grep clamd.scan

drwx--x---. clamscan clamscan system_u:object_r:antivirus_var_run_t:s0 clamd.scan


if I change the permission by running chmod g+rw clamd.scan, the permission does not persist over reboot of the OS 


if anyone can help/share some info It would highly appreciated.


With regard

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