[clamav-users] Problem with setup

Philip Andersson philip.andersson.ha at live.se
Tue May 24 08:32:58 EDT 2016

 Hello clam users,

I have a problem with my setup that creates a bit of a problem.
I have installed clamav99.2 with settings for my system from source, clamd runs fine with no error or warning output.
Database is up to date and freshclam runs.
The problem is that i tested the system with a fake virus, the virus got past the clamd running in the background and was not found until i did clamdscan on the file. Both clamd and clamdscan runs on the same .conf. 
Is this normal? Why did it not find the virus in the stream data sent to clamd? 
The virus was a fake-trojan implemented in .pdf.

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