[clamav-users] Problem with setup

Michael D. L. clamav at cosis.dk
Tue May 24 10:52:22 EDT 2016

On 05/24/2016 04:29 PM, Philip Andersson wrote:
> I know that the setup have work before, but the test virus is new and the clamav version is new. The plugins is written by me and used in small MTS application.
> I am not reading the log-file but the output stream from clamd, its two different things.
> I just wonder how the clamd is missing a virus that clamdscan picks up when using the same settings and same database.
> Is there a difference in the way they work?
> _________
You could have saved us all a lot of time, if only you had given us that 
information up-front.

With the new ClamAV Version - does it detect the standard Eicar Test 
Virus? (Sent in an attachment as eg. Eicar.com)

Could you provide the output from the ClamD when injecting the infected 
PDF file. (All output please - log and socket)

Also the output from Clamscan processing the same file would be useful.

Best regards

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