[clamav-users] Eicar.com: OK

wojtunieczek wojtunieczek at o2.pl
Thu Oct 27 08:22:50 EDT 2016

Hi all,
I've got a problem with a test file detection. I was testing ClamAV on Raspbian, it was detecting EICAR(http://www.eicar.com/download/eicar.com.txt) and removing it with no problem until I quarantined and restored it via ClamTK. Now EICAR files are indicated OK by scanner. I tried to reinstall ClamAV but it didn't help.However, strange thing is that it still founds and removes EICAR files downloaded from secure protocol(https://www.eicar.com/download/eicar.com.txt).
What might be a reason of this strange behaviour? Is it that quarantine or the secure source of download?
Thanks for any help

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